If you have decided to take the next step and book a meeting with me here are a couple of things to keep in mind:


I have a rather limited availability so the sooner you get in contact with me the better!


When doing so please remember to answer the following:

What kind of experience would you like us to share?

How much time would you like to spend together?

Where you would like for our meeting to take place?

What dates would be most favourable for you?


New lovers will be asked to provide some further details:

Your full name, the email address of at least one other escort you've met in the past year whom is currently working and has an online presence (please don't forget to ask for her permission before giving me her details!).

If this proves impossible, or if you’re a newbie to this, then you'll be asked to provide some further reference such as a LinkedIn profile or a personal website as well as a copy of your ID.


Once we have established that we're both happy to follow through with the meeting, you will be asked to send a 20% deposit in order to confirm my availability. This is non refundable unless I have to cancel the meeting (this will be extremely unlikely!) 


All of your details will be handled with the utmost discretion and will not be shared with anybody else. I understand that this involves an element mutual trust, but without mutual trust we won’t be able to fully enjoy our time together!!


If you'd like to enquire about a meeting please complete the form below.

*Should you experience any issues with the contact form please email circe.escort.uk@gmail.com directly.