K. S.  -  30/11/2019 

"Beautiful woman with a complete sense of style and confidence. Lovely to talk to and passionate in bed. Would have loved to have had more time."   


C.  -  26/06/2019

"She's an epitome of beauty, brain, elegance and eroticism. Very rare finding. So captivating! Will be back soon"

S. D.  -  07/11/2019 

"Out of this world - a meet to remember. Great conversations, beautiful face, sexy body, and knows how to have a good time. x "


P.  -  03/11/2019

"Circe is overwhelmingly fabulous"



L. M.  -  20/08/2019

"Great booking in every way! Very beautiful, very charming, very talented, great company and exceptionally sexy. Highly recommended."

J.  -  08/08/2019

"Amazing. Breathtaking. Beautiful, involved, passionate. Would recommend to anyone." 

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