If you’re after the perfect duo experience, here you can find a list of gorgeous women I have the privilege of working alongside…

A curvaceous companion and kinky play partner with an alternative twist, Rosie can make your fantasies become reality! Her mesmerising blue eyes, raven hair and slightly mischievous smile possess captivating powers. Based in London but available worldwide by request.

Amelia Laurent is the 1950's redhed scarlet you didn't know you needed, with a modern twist. Whilst a PhD keeps her out of trouble in the daytime, her eyes light up at night. Tattoos adorn her petite yet buxom frame. With a penchant for illicit activities and decadent fun, Amelia seeks intimage GFE encounters and sensual domination experiences with lovers that have an open mind and a cheeky grin.

Standing at 5 ft 10 with mane-like ginger hair, Ms Olivia Sinclair is no stranger to demanding the attention of the room when she enters. You'll find her playful and adventurous with an appetite for romance, affection and kink. Olivia is based in London's city of Westminster, but if you ask very nicely she'll meet you elsewhere. 

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