Perhaps It's the fact that I've read too many Victorian novels, or maybe it's my obsession with Pre-Raphaelite paintings, but I am a so called hopeless romantic!

I absolutely adore spending time in bed cuddling, holding hands and chatting for hours on end about secret passions and burning


Nothing excites me more than exploring a lover’s body and experiencing that deep feeling of bond that makes time and space seem to vanish.

My Girlfriend Experience is immensely sensual, intimate and passionate. It’s a time for you to let go and be yourself, feel wanted and desired. You can expect lots of kissing, caressing and intense love making.


It’s not all about Romance...

Although I can be soft and gentle, I am unapologetically kinky! I love both feeling extremely powerless or completely in charge. I guess that makes me the perfect switch! I often catch myself fantasising about the most forbidden scenarios and craving the feeling of being at the centre of someone’s sexual desires, whatever form these might take.

I am very non-judgmental and always up for experimenting new things, so do not hesitate to email me your kinkiest requests!   

Take me out on a date


There’s nothing better than getting to know each other on a social date! A theatre night, a trip to the museum or perhaps just sharing a meal together whilst sipping on delicious red wine. If you’re not from London feel free to ask for any recommendations and I’ll be more than happy to give you some guidance.

When meeting in public you can expect to find me dressed very elegantly and discreetly but I’m always open to requests.